Writing Exercise:  It’s in their Kiss

Writing Exercise:  It’s in their Kiss

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a romance novel, thriller, or epic sci-fi battle – at some point someone is going to kiss. Describing a kiss is an essential ability in the writer’s toolbox.  Every kiss means something different – love, change, hate, elation, congratulation, duty, revenge.  So the words you use need to be different too.

Write a quick description (1 to 2 sentences) of the following kisses.

 A first kiss between Character A, who has had a long time crush on Character B, and decides to use a kiss to see if it will develop into more.

A goodbye kiss.  After a torrid and humiliating affair, Character A is finally moving out of the house.  As Character A turns to face Character B – who has shattered A’s heart and dreams – and kisses character B with an angry, vengeful kiss goodbye.

A hello kiss – Character B had a difficult time getting pregnant and labor nearly killed her.  Character A spent all morning in the chapel praying when the doctor arrived to say the baby and Character B were alive.  In the character B meets and kisses the baby for the very first time.