Change is gonna come…

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
George Bernard Shaw

One thing being a Buddhist teaches you right off the bat is that everything in impermanent. That isn’t just about every one dying or everything ending – but mostly it’s about accepting the reality that everything in some way, space, or form will change.  Change isn’t a fact of life. Change is life.

In that spirit – the website, and social media platform is going through some changes.  I had hoped it would be a quick change but it has turned into a more evolutionary process.  Still – here’s what to expect soon.

The Blog (this page) will be a weekly blog about a current event.  News, entertainment, social issue – whatever. In taking inventory of my platform I realized the one thing I don’t do on ANY network is actually just talk about me and the world I live in. Politics, news and ideas don’t have an outlet in my digital footprint.  Now that TTB is taking all my Buddhist writing and Instagram is focusing my writing tips — the blog doesn’t really have a unique purpose – so now it does.  Look for a “What’s the Bottom Line of timely topics in Kellie’s World” coming soon.

TTB – My writing for The Tattooed Buddha has been a great experience and offered an outlet for my dharma teachings and thoughts.  I’ve falling behind on posting the links but will catch up on that and soon post the link of the week there.  You can see all my TTB writing here.

Writing Tips – My original plan was an article a week from the Heron’s Wing archives. But as I’ve read them – I realize some of them are dated or just not effective.  I also want to do more “teaching” and less “pontificating” about writing – so there will be some articles and there will also be writing exercises and tips.  The writing “truths” will be on my instagram account which gets updated several times a week. Coming Soon – a YouTube Channel for writing tips.

My author facebook page.  That has been another stickler for me because I write commissioned novels – meaning my books aren’t published under my name – so it’s not like I have fans (even though I have fans).  I”m changing that to a “day in a writer’s life” sort of experience with a post every day of what I did as a writer that day.

TTB Platform – The Bottom Line has a separate set of media accounts and will also be changing to streamline things – each day’s post will essentially be the same and run on Insta, FB, Twitter, and here.  Coming soon – a YouTube Channel.

So let’s review all the facets of my social media presence and what you can find where:

  1. Kellie Schorr Twitter – Daily thoughts, usually the same as instagram but more pithy. Sometimes a snarky comment about politics or life when I just can’t keep it in.
  2. Kellie Schorr Instagram – writing tipss
  3. Kellie Schorr Author Facebook – Day in the writer’s life
  4. The Bottom Line Blog – weekly commentary on the world around me.
  5. The Bottom Line – Memes, quotes, encouragements – same on FB, Insta, Twitter.
  6. Write Now! Blog – Writing tips, exercises, coaching and encouragement.
  7. The Tattooed Buddha – Dharma teachings, stories and thoughts.
  8. YouTube Channels – – project in the works

NOTE – Thursday is Rest Day.  Expect Nothing on Thursdays.


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