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The Second Noble Truth of the Waffle House Shooting

This isn’t about guns. This is about the tragedy that goes way beyond the AR-15 used to kill four innocent people.  This is about the first and foremost thing this shooting should do – which is break our hearts wide open. This is about me. This is about you. There […]

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If I Were a Rich Buddhist

High on the list of my favorite literary characters is Tevye, the world-weary spiritual optimist from a series of short stories by Sholem Aleichem called “Tevye and His Daughters” who became more popularly known as the central figure in Fiddler on the Roof.  Carefully balancing surly come-backs and a soft […]

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The Problem

“What is the problem?”  I hear that. You hear that. We read it in the comment section – an area where problematic people define the problem with other people by becoming a problem. We ask it, late at night when the only clarity the chaos of the world gives us […]

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