Category: Mindfulness

The Basics of Goodness

What do Buddhists believe? When I’m asked that question there’s a flood of answers I could give ranging from 5 seconds (“We don’t believe, we practice.”) to 4 hours (“There was a man named Siddhartha…”).  The answer I give most of the time is this: We believe that every being has […]

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Got the News Blues? Transcend the Plot

Want a sure way to rejected by every publisher ever?  Start your query letter with, “This is a character driven novel.” I guarantee you’ll be getting the “Thanks, but this is not for us” email before your tea gets cold.  Characters create feelings, give insight, and spur our desires, but in […]

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The Words of a Friend

Mindfulness is all about clarity – so let’s just be clear:I’m not a monastic. I’m not a dharma scholar. I’m not a certified meditation teacher. I’ve never been to Nepal (I had to Google a map just to see where that was). If I do a retreat or class that […]

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