Category: Humor

The Introvert in Me Honors the Shut Up in You

Life used to be pretty sweet. I could go about my business happily enjoying alone time, Star Trek, and computer games while the people who loved me just said, “Oh, she’s not very social” and sent me nice notes about events I was invited to, but not expected to attend.  […]

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Right Facebook

The prime directive of Buddhism is found in the Four Noble Truths – the beautifully bulleted, clear as a bell, seed of awakened wisdom that blossomed when Siddhārtha Gautama unfolded as The Buddha. Translated over time, language, media, and my simple minded approach to things –  it shakes out something […]

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The Words of a Friend

Mindfulness is all about clarity – so let’s just be clear:I’m not a monastic. I’m not a dharma scholar. I’m not a certified meditation teacher. I’ve never been to Nepal (I had to Google a map just to see where that was). If I do a retreat or class that […]

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