Month: June 2017

Charity and Stone

I come from a long line of Tennessee hillbillies …er…Appalachian Americans. My grandparents on my father’s side, Charity Grace Rupard and William “Stone” Rupard, were subsistence farmers who owned land in a holler (hollow) in Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee.  Where’s that?  As my uncle Claude would say, “It’s right down the […]

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Right Facebook

The prime directive of Buddhism is found in the Four Noble Truths – the beautifully bulleted, clear as a bell, seed of awakened wisdom that blossomed when Siddhārtha Gautama unfolded as The Buddha. Translated over time, language, media, and my simple minded approach to things –  it shakes out something […]

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The Words of a Friend

Mindfulness is all about clarity – so let’s just be clear:I’m not a monastic. I’m not a dharma scholar. I’m not a certified meditation teacher. I’ve never been to Nepal (I had to Google a map just to see where that was). If I do a retreat or class that […]

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