The personal webspace of writer Kellie Schorr, The Bottom Line is a site for readers, writers, meditators and seekers to share inspiration, challenges, questions, humor, and wisdom.  It's a place to celebrate the ordinary magic of a messy mindful life. Writing and mindfulness both begin with the same concept B.I.C - Butt in Chair (or Butt on Cushion).  Sit down, open up, be free.  

There's a diversity of content on The Bottom Line - everything from mantras and meditation advice to writing tips and creativity boosters, and news from Kellie thrown in as well.  So, click around. If you're interested in mindfulness, follow The Bottom Line Facebook page.  If you're more inclined toward learning about writing and the creative process, follow the Kellie Schorr Instagram, and you'll get daily writing tips.  Do what you do - all is well.

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