Welcome to my World

The personal web container of writer Kellie Schorr, The Bottom Line is a site for readers, writers, meditators and seekers to share inspiration, challenges, questions, humor, and wisdom.  It's a place to celebrate the ordinary magic of a messy mindful life.

There's a diversity of content on The Bottom Line - everything from mantras and meditation advice to writing tips and creative projects, and news from Kellie thrown in as well. 

If you're interested in Kellie's personal writing, fiction work, or writing coaching, lean toward the Write Here, Write Now page.

If you're interested in Kellie's study and teaching in Buddhism, focus on the The Bottom Line features or check out the links to her work on The Tattooed Buddha.  

Writing and mindfulness both involve the same concept: B.O.C. (Butt-on-chair or Butt-on-cushion). Sit down, click around, open up, and connect.